Gun Trusts – Legally Delicate Area of the Law

Gun trust is not a topic people often talk about, but it is high time we actually start talking about it. While it is true that a large percentage of people who actually have sizable guns are usually hunters and gun enthusiasts, but these are not the only people who possess a fairly large collection of firearms.

These rifles are sometimes brought to museums because of the sentimental value they hold. A firearm, either for hunting purposes or kept as a historical piece, must fall under the laws and regulations created by the government.

The federal government of the US has the US Gun Control Acts and National Firearms Act as a part of the tax code.

Transferring Gun Ownership in Pennsylvania

Transfer of a firearm in Pennsylvania is a straightforward process. However, there is a list of things a gun owner has to pursue in order to ensure the legality of the process. It is crucial to know that not every individual is eligible to receive ownership of a firearm.

Remember that Federal Firearms is licensed to the transfer of ownership to you.

The Process and Some Tips

If you want to transfer an eligible gun to an eligible person in Pennsylvania, both you and the recipient have to visit a licensed firearm dealership or sheriff’s office. There, the dealership will run a background check on the potential receiver of the ownership. This is to ensure that the gun does not get into the hands of a person who is not allowed to have it in the first place.

Be sure to bring the government-issued photo ID and the related forms to the dealership. The same goes for the recipient. For further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Keystone Estate Planning and Asset Protection.