Manage Your Google Account for Estate Planning with 4 Critical Estates

Most people on the internet generally have a Google account but are unaware of how they can actually manage them for estate planning. If you have a Google account, this is the perfect opportunity to navigate through the process as part of your estate plan. We would be reviewing some crucial details to get you through managing a Google account for estate planning.

#1 Make an Estate Plan for your Google Account

Following are the major steps you can take for the creation of an estate plan for your Google account;

  • Identify the executor or principal
  • Identify who will direct your digital assets
  • Address Google about how you like your Google account to be
  • Mention the details that Google would demand such as phone number and email address to receive texts and emails from Google
  • Determine the time elapse after which your Google account will become inactive

#2 Appreciate the Degree of Data Google Attains

Estate planning for Google accounts relies greatly upon the data your Google account is fed. This includes both the degree and amount of data for work communication, photographs and other varying types and amounts of data.

#3 Make it Clear How Many People Will Access your Digital Assets

In case you become incapacitated or become unable to access your digital assets over other reasons including death, consider the person who will be able to access your accounts.

#4 Decide your Period of inactivity

Another important feature of Google is Google’s Inactive Account Manager that instructs it about managing your digital assets over your inability for a certain period. You can select the blocks up from three months to a year and a half.

Contact an Estate Planning Lawyer

A knowledgeable estate planning attorney is all you need in the tedious and time-consuming task of estate planning. If you want further information and assistance in this regard, feel free to contact Keystone Asset Protection and Estate Planning today.